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 Command line

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PostSubject: Command line   Thu Apr 08, 2010 7:56 am

Command line switches

1. Right Click on ur rtw icon / shortcut on ur desktop (if u dont have a shortcut/ icon on ur desktop, make one)

2. Click Properties

3. Now u should see the Rome: total war Properties window. In the box next to the word Target: there should be "C:\Program Files\The Creative Assembly\Rome - Total War\RomeTW.exe" ( this will be slightly different if u have an older patched version and not gold, it will have activision not creative assembly)

4. on the end of "C:\Program Files\The Creative Assembly\Rome - Total War\RomeTW.exe" add -ne
Giving u "C:\Program Files\The Creative Assembly\Rome - Total War\RomeTW.exe" -ne


5. Click apply and ok, then restart RTW

Apply the same method as above with these to get other options

show_err: Shows scripting errors when your rtw crashes to desktop. ie tells you why your game died
enable_editor: brings up the historic battle maker (needed for map making).
strat: Loads a campaign directly.
multirun: Lets you run more than one RTW
na: No audio
nm: No movies
ne: Not full screen.

add -movie_cam this affects when u watch movies (thats good for u L )

if u want multiple ones make it like .exe" enable_editor multirun -movie_cam
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Command line

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