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 Rome: Total War and the time period's history Links

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PostSubject: Rome: Total War and the time period's history Links   Mon Jul 26, 2010 6:35 pm

Here's a list of links of different categories for you that is relative to, Rome: Total War and the time period's history.


To OPEN fast and nice, keep pressed SHIFT and click left moue

Rome:Total War Community

TotalWar.com - The official Total War-series website

TotalWar.org - One of the most popular fansites!!

TotalWar Center - Another of the most popular fansites!!

Rome:Total War MOD Projects

The Lordz - Creators of Napoleonic: Total War

Chivalry:Total War - A MOD for the high medieval time period

Rome Total Realism - A MOD that focuses on realism!

Hegemonia: TW - A MOD that focuses on the Greek history of the Persian Wars

Armies, Tactics & Warriors

Romanarmy.com - Website dedicated to the Roman Army

Military Use of Elephants in the Greek and Roman Period

Greek Hoplite Warfare

Parthian Army - Short overview of Parthian military tactics

Siege of Syracuse - The siege of Syracuse shown with texts from the classical authors

Ancient Celtic Warriors - La Tene Culture - Page with info on the Celtic warriors

The Roman Army - A brief overview of the Roman army

The Roman Army page - Sander van Dorst site on the roman army, the only place in the web where Arrian's Array Against the Alans can be found

Weaponry & Equipment:

Ancient Composite Bows

Classical Greek Shield Patterns

Repeating Catapult

Celtic Chariots

Scythian Bows

Elements of Roman fighting: Sword or Spear? - Analysis on what Roman Legionaries used

Slinging.org - An entire website dedicated just to the sling!

The bow and arrow - ancient weapon in modern times - Article on one of the most used weapons in history

Roman Military Equipment - Weapons - Gladius, Spatha

Roman Weapons - A small guide to different Roman weaponry

Siege Artillery of all Types - Images of different types of artillery pieces

Explore a Celtic Warrior - Interactive page with info regarding Celtic equipment


Ptolemy V Epiphanes - Coin showing the fifth Macedonian Pharaoh

Carthaginian Coinage - Coins from Zeugitania

Ancient Coins of Scythia

Celtic Warriors - Page showing coins of Celtic warriors

Historical Information Sites

Wikipedia - A free-content encyclopedia. Surprisingly good.

The Roman Empire - The leading web-resource of ancient Rome

Parthia.com - History and Coins of Ancient Parthia - Website with much information on Parthia

Celticgrounds.com - Website containing a wealth of information regarding Celts

e-Keltoi - Journal of Interdisciplinary Celtic Studies

Smith's Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology - Enormous amount of information

Smith's Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography - Useful resource, but somewhat dated

Diotima - Women & Gender in the ancient world

Arabia before Islam - Ancient accounts of Arabia

The Ancient Mediterranean and India - Many accounts on ancient India

The Ancient City of Athens

Ancient Roman Technology

Weapons & Rites of the Iberians - (Spanish)

Ostia - A website dedicated to the harbour of Rome.

Italy. Three millenia of history and culture

Classics Links

Ancient History in the Movies

Martyrdom of Man - Brief histories about ancient people

Nubia - Page with info about the Nubians

British Celtic Tribes - Interactive page showing where the celtic tribes lived

Celtic Tribes of Europe List

Trajan's Column - Pages with information regarding the column

Lacus Curtius - Great site with douzends of ancient sources about roman history

Ancient Authors & Literature

Attalus.org - Greek and Roman history 320 - 54 B.C.

Forum Romanum - Online Resource for Roman texts

Livius - Wealth of information regarding ancient history

The Online Medieval and Classical Library - A collection of some of the most important literary works of Classical and Medieval civilization.

Perseus Digital Library - Contains a wealth of information on the classical times

Internet History Sourcebook Projects - Good collection of old historical texts

Famous Persons:

Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus (236-184) - Lots of info on the only general who defeated Hannibal

Viriato: Warrior-Chieftain of the Lusitans - Page dedicated to the Lusitanian hero

Religion & Mythology

Mythography - Exploring Greek, Roman, and Celtic Mythology and Art

Religio Romana - Calendar of Holidays and Festivals

Religion,Rite & Ritual during the Peninsular Proto-History - The religious phenomenon in Iberian culture.Spanish

Paganism and Christianity in Spain - Before the Council of Elvira

Languages of Antiquity

Iberian Epigraphy Page - Information on Iberian languages

Epigraphik Datenbank - Extensive database with Roman inscriptions from all parts of the empire (completly in latin).German


Ancient World Map Center

Historical Atlas Resouce - Europe

Roman Maps

Index of Cartographic Images - Illustrating maps from the Ancient Period

Ethnographic Map of Pre-Roman Iberia - Tribal groups in Iberia around 200 BC. Image text in Spanish.

Map of Post-Roman Britain - Showing the geopolitical layout after the Roman legions left.

Tabula Peutingeriana - Late Roman road map showing the roads and distances across the Roman Empire

Map of the Roman Empire - The empire at its greatest extent. Third century AD

Image Galleries

Classical Greek Militay - Images of classical Greek military units & technology

Heathen Symbols Menu - Site containing Celtic & Germanic symbols & motiffs

Celtic Art and Cultures - Good site containing wealth of info and images on the Celts

Augustus: Images of Power - Images of means the first true Roman emperor used to project his glory

Dacia Virtual Museum - Images of Getai statues and art

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Rome: Total War and the time period's history Links

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