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 Army Database 15K

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PostSubject: Army Database 15K   Thu May 20, 2010 5:34 pm

Rome Total War 15K Army Database

1) Egypt:
~4 Pharaoh guards Gold / Gold upgrades
~4 Pharoahs bowman Gold attack upgrade
~4 Bowmans Gold / Gold upgrades
~2 Chariot archer units, Gold attack / Bronze defence upgrade
~6 Egyptan chariots No upgrades
This army is used well against any faction and shuld be used to defeat enemy with archer superiority. First you should send chariot archers to harras enemy archers and while they do that send long range archers to finish them off. Be sure to take care of enemy cavalry and then surround enemy army with archers and shoot them to death.

2) Scythia :
~ 6 Head Hunting maidens Gold / Gold upgrades
~ 6 choosen archer warbands Gold attack upgrade
~2 Scythian noble archer cavalry no upgrades
~4 peasants no upgrades
This army should be used like this:
Peasants in loose formation in front to soak up arrows. Long range archers behind to shoot enemy while they shoot peasants. Horse archer is long range too so harass enemy archers from distance. If you get chance attack enemy cavalry with maidens and rape them.

3) Pontus:
~ 6 scythed chariots no upgrades
~ 5 Bronze shield pikemen silver attack / gold defence upgrade
~ 6 Eastern archers, gold / gold upgrades
~ 2 chariot archers , gold attack upgrade
This army is used to rush enemy. Rush forward with army and as soon as possible engage in meele with pikemens and then charge with scythed chariots from flanks and cause panic which will route 90% enemy units.

4) Britons:
~ 4 barbarian warlord chariots, 1 of them 2 rank upgrades ( chervons )
~ 2 barbarian cavalry Gold / Gold upgrades
~ 6 slingers max upgrades 3 / 3 / 3
~ 6 head hurlers Gold attack and bronze defence upgrades
~ 2 Britsh light chariots gold / gold / 1 expereince
This army is best used to try and win archer war and while doing so close up with head hurlers ( HH ) and kill enemy armoured infantry. Then finish the cavalry and rest with chariots.

5) Seleucid Empire:
4 x Silver Shield Pikemen (GW)
3 X Silver Shield Legionaries (GW)
6 X Archers (GG)
5 x Cataphracts (GW - 1 of them the General)
Pikemen and legionaries are placed in a single line-formation with the legionaries as interstices between the pikemen (pikemen 8-ranks deep, legionaries in dense blocks), archers on loose formation more or less in front of the line (perhaps with the rear partly overlapping the infantry), cataphracts massed either on left or right.

6) Britannia:
1 x Druid (GA)
5 x Warband (GW)
6 x Woad Warriors (GW)
2 x Slingers
4 x Head Hurlers
2 x Heavy Chariots (GW)
Warbands in a line of dense blocks, head-hurlers (in close formation and kept off skirmish-mode) in a line in front of them with slingers on loose formation (also off skirmish-mode) in a line in front of them in turn, woad-warriors in two lines of 3 units in dense blocks placed on the left/right and a little way back, druids to the side of the woad warriors behind the warband-line, and heavy chariots on the other flank. I advance the whole army while swinging chariots around to distract the enemy's attention, then let the hurlers begin firing while an enemy frontal charge will be briefly snagged in place by the loose slingers -when the enemy do attack to stop the casualties from the hurlers I make a flank assault with my woad-warriors and crash the heavy chariots into either the other flank or the rear. I also make sure to use war-cry once the hurlers are shooting, or else when the enemy is advancing into range.

7) Britannia:
1 x Druid
4 x Warband (SW)
4 x Woad Warriors (GG)
2 x Head Hurlers
6 x Light Chariots (GW)
Warbands in a line of dense blocks in the center with woad-warriors either massed on one flank or split on either, head-hurlers on loose formation in front of the line to hold the attention of enemy missiles, druids behind the line in the centre, and chariots split either 3/3 or 4/2 and used in a mixture of Cantabrian Circle to hold the attention of enemy missiles - and to outflank and distract - and to harass enemy cavalry - and ultimately to crash into the rear or flank of enemy infantry once I have engaged with warbands in the centre and woad warriors outflanking.
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Army Database 15K

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