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 Army Database 10K

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PostSubject: Army Database 10K   Thu May 20, 2010 5:32 pm

I'll post my favorite armies

Armenia - 10k
2xArab Cavalry
6xHeavy Spearmen (BA)
2xHillmen (SA)
6xArchers (GA)
This army is pretty balanced. Pin with phalanx, flank with hillmen. Win cavalry engagement with the Cataphracts and do hammer anvils. Use Arab cav to help in the cavalry fight if needed and to chase down archers/routers.

Rome (10K)
1 x Legionary First Cohort (General)
5 x Urban Cohorts (2 x GW; 3 x SW)
6 x Roman Archers (GW)
3 x Cavalry Auxilia (GW)
Archers on loose formation, Cohorts in a line of dense blocks with LFC in the centre, Cav. Auxilia swinging on flank to skirmish and hold attention of enemy cavalry if possible.

Rome (10K)
1 x Legionary First Cohort (General)
4 x Legionary Cohorts
6 x Roman Archers (GW)
5 x Praetorian Cavalry
Archers on loose formation, Cohorts in a line of dense blocks with LFC in the centre, Praetorians poised en masse on either flank ready to deliver counterstroke against enemy cavalry or flanking manoeuvres.

Rome (10K)
6 x Legionary Cohorts (1 is the General and has GW/BS, the others unupgraded)
6 x Archer Auxilia (GW)
4 x Roman Cavalry
Archers either all on loose formation or 4 loose ahead and 2 close behind them, Cohorts in a line of dense blocks, Roman Cavalry held back in reserve.

Seleucid Empire (10K)
4 x Phalanx Pikemen (1 x BW)
6 x Archers (GW)
5 x Cataphracts (4 x GW, 1 x SW, 1 of them the General)
Pikemen and archers all on loose formation and divided into two wings of 3 archers and 2 pikemen each, positioned somewhat at an angle turned in toward each other so as to place the enemy army in an intersected fire-arc between them - the pikemen are put in 3-ranks and the archers (kept off skirmish mode) placed with their front and rear each overlapping neatly with one of the pikemen units. Cataphracts are kept en masse, initially placed in centre between the two wings and ready to swing out to either flank once the enemy's attention has been held with the wings or when the enemy moves his cavalry.

Rome - 10k
5xUrban Cohort (4 BA, 1 SA/SD for general)
4xPraetorian Cavalry
6xArchers (GA, 1 BD)
Pretty obvious.

Numidia - 10k
4xCamel Riders (GA)
4xNumidian Cavalry (GA)
6xNumidian Legionnaires (2 SA, 4 BA)
6xArchers (GA)
Use Numidian Cav to distract enemy cavalry while on skirmish mode and switch them to a light cavalry role once they run out of ammunition
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Army Database 10K

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